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As a film and audiovisual school, the ECAM’s greatest assets are its students – both current and former – lecturers and staff. Each year, more than 300 active film, television and advertising professionals pass through our classrooms, sets and post-production rooms, sharing their knowledge with the new generation of industry professionals.

Our teaching staff and institutional relations have enabled us to forge connections with the industry, making it easier for our students to gain access to the job market.

Diplomas, master’s and intensive courses make up the school’s educational offerings, which adapt to the needs of the job market and the audiovisual industry, always adopting a practical approach. We like to think that the ECAM represents the start of your professional life rather than the final stage in your academic life.

We believe that a craft can only be learned by doing.

OpenECAM: supporting independent film

We promote domestic production by making the school’s resources available to former students to assist them in completing their projects.

Since 2013, the ECAM has been providing support for film productions involving the school’s former students. Titles such as La Herida, Stockholm, El Futuro, Costa da Morte, Pas à Genève, Crumbs, Sueñan los Androides, Malpartida Fluxus Village and People You May Know have received support from the ECAM during production, post-production or distribution at international festivals.

All projects which involve former students and have at least one former ECAM student as a team leader can obtain support from the school. This means that any project which meets this requirement is entitled to utilize our resources: sets and editing, post-production and mixing rooms, etc.

In 2015, the school provided support for a total of 48 projects: films, documentaries, web series, shorts, and more.


Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Director of the film Stockholm and former student on the Diploma in Screenwriting.

‘Stockholm was a project that grew out of the support of many people, of course, but very few institutions. It might be said that the ECAM was the only institutional support we received from the start. In addition to meaning a great deal to our film, this gesture speaks for itself in terms of framing the school in a new context in which it has been positioning itself for some time now. With a policy of unconditional support for its students and/or projects such as ours (among many, many others), they are beginning to delineate a new type of cinema. The cinema of the next generation.’


Miguel Llansó

Director of the film Crumbs and former ECAM student on the Master’s in Digital Film.

‘As a former ECAM student, the school not only provided the place for my education, but also for making professional connections and gaining support for my projects. We were able to do the final mixing in 5.1 for my latest film Crumbs in a screening room at ECAM. This was a low-budget film made possible by the adventurous spirit, commitment and effort of many people. Thanks to this effort, to which the ECAM contributed, we were able to improve the film and achieve certain international standards. Crumbs has shown at over 40 festivals around the world, including Rotterdam, Los Angeles, BAFICI – Buenos Aires, Cinema de Autor Barcelona and Fantasia Montreal. We have also found distribution in the United States and international sales agents.’


Luis López Carrasco

Director the film El Futuro and former student on the Diploma in Direction.

‘El Futuro is an experimental production and we weren’t able to find public funding to complete the film. All five producers were classmates at the ECAM ten years ago. It would not have been possible to produce the film without the support of the ECAM during shooting, with the loan of set decorations and props, and especially during post-production, providing us with access to editing and sound mixing rooms. The school’s sponsorship was crucial to enabling us to complete the film in time for its international premiere at the Locarno International Film Festival in 2013. ECAM Distribución also supervised its subsequent screenings at festivals all over the world, including Rotterdam, New York, Valdivia, Sevilla, FiD Marseille and BAFICI, where it won an award.
The school gave us the push we needed just when we had run out of petrol.’


The ECAM regularly signs partnership agreements with businesses and institutions, bringing the school in closer contact with the day-to-day of the audiovisual industry.

These agreements allow us to give our students access to the job market, increase the number of scholarships, support projects involving former students through the OpenECAM initiative, add more resources to the media library catalogue, implement new software and purchase materials for film shoots.


The ECAM is located in the Ciudad de la Imagen complex (Pozuelo de Alarcón), fifteen minutes from the centre of Madrid. This location enables us to maintain constant contact with production companies, television networks and post-production firms.

DaVinci, Protools, AutoCAD, Sketchup, Movie Magic, 3Ds MAX, Smoke, Photoshop, Avid and Final Cut are just some of the software programs available to students during their training.

The school provides students with lighting, sound and camera equipment. However, for diploma course final projects, each group can decide what equipment they want to use based on the characteristics of the production. To make this possible, we maintain partnership agreements with audiovisual equipment hire firms, giving students access to the best professional technology.

  • More than 30 classrooms, including a main hall that holds up to 120 people
  • Auditorium with 169 seats and 35mm, 16 mm and DCP projectors
  • Media library
  • Photo lab
  • Photo classroom/workshop
  • 400 m2 set
  • 400 m2 set
  • 11 editing rooms
  • 2 colour grading rooms
  • 2 Protools sound editing and recording rooms
  • 1 sound mixing room (140 square metres)
  • 3 classrooms with video projection and 15 work stations with computers to teach Final Cut and Protools
  • 1 classroom with video projection and 13 work stations with computers to teach AVID and Smoke
  • 2 classrooms with drawing boards
  • 2 stop motion classrooms/workshops
  • Storerooms for lighting, sound, camera and 35 mm equipment
  • Film restoration lab
  • Costume and props workshops
  • Set building workshop
  • Set building workshop
  • Workshops and storerooms for sets and scenery
  • Production offices
  • 3 editing projectors for 35 mm, 16 mm and combinable (35/16 mm)
  • 4 classrooms with computers to teach AUTOCAD, SKETCHUP, MOVIE MAGIC, 3DMAX, PHOTOSHOP
The foundation

The ECAM is set up as a not-for-profit foundation. This allows us to reinvest contributions from foundation board members, donations and revenue generated by the school’s activity back into the school and our students.

The ECAM (Escuela de Cinematografía y del Audiovisual de la Comunidad de Madrid) was created in 1994. The Board of Trustees is made up of the Community of Madrid Department of Education and Culture, General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE), Spanish Academy of Film Arts and Sciences (AACCE), Audiovisual Producer Rights Management Association (EGEDA) and Audiovisual Media Rights management association (DAMA).

The Board of Trustees, Governing Board, Director and Manager are responsible for management, administration and representation of the Foundation. The Board of Trustees is made up of sixteen members (the chairperson and fifteen board members), while the Governing Board includes one representative from each of the institutions that form part of the Board of Trustees, plus the Director.

The Foundation’s Board of Trustees delegates supervision of ECAM activities to the Governing Board, which establishes the general guidelines governing the school’s operation, and delegates tasks relating to the organization, curriculum, teaching staff and internal rules of the school to the Director. The Governing Board is responsible for appointing the Director and Manager, and supervises their work.


Community of Madrid
  • Chair of the Board of Trustees:
    Hon. Cristina Cifuentes Cuencas, President of the Community of Madrid
  • Members of the Board of Trustees:
    Deputy Minister for Non-University Education, Youth and Sport, Community of Madrid
    Director of the Office of Culture and Tourism, Community of Madrid
    Director-General for Cultural Promotion, Community of Madrid
  • Secretary of the Board of Trustees:
    Pilar García Elegido
Spanish Academy of Film Arts and Sciences
  • Members of the Board of Trustees:
    Antonio Resines
    Ricardo Steinberg
    Guillermo Maldonado
General Society of Authors and Publishers (SGAE)
  • Members of the Board of Trustees:
    Antonio Onetti
    Miguel Hermoso Torres
    Inés Paris Bouza
Audiovisual Producer Rights Management Association (EGEDA)
  • Members of the Board of Trustees:
    Enrique Cerezo Torres
    Agustín Almodóvar Caballero
    Jordi García Candau
Audiovisual Media Rights (DAMA)
  • Members of the Board of Trustees:
    Enrique Urbizu Jáuregui
    Borja Cobeaga Eguillor
    Carlos López García


  • Chair
    Enrique Cerezo Torres
  • Secretary
    Ana María Arrieta Blanco
  • Members
    Director-General for Cultural Promotion, Community of Madrid
    Antonio Resines
    Enrique Cerezo Torres
    José Luis Acosta
  • ECAM Director
    Gonzalo Salazar-Simpson

Rebeca Amieva

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