Exporting Talent

ECAM Distribución is responsible for distributing the short films made by ECAM students as the final project on their diploma course and from the FilmNow, OFF ECAM and Madrid en Corto catalogues.

Our mission is to promote the short films in the different catalogues as widely as possible through film festivals, screening rooms, television companies and markets. Exporting and discovering talent is our main aim.

In the past ten years, the films included in the catalogues managed by ECAM Distribución have been selected more than 13,000 times for domestic and international film festivals, receiving over 2,000 awards.

ECAM Distribución is the only not-for-profit distributor in Spain and is responsible for the following catalogues:

Cortos ECAM

The final short films from ECAM diploma courses are distributed to festivals around the world. ECAM Distribución handles registration, copy shipment and materials.  The aim is to promote our students’ careers and give their work greater exposure at festivals and markets. Over the past ten years, ECAM shorts have been selected 4,300 times and won 352 awards.

Madrid en corto

We have managed the Madrid en corto programme since its creation in 2005, under the supervision of the Community of Madrid’s Department of Employment, Tourism and Culture and Directorate-General for Performing Arts, Music and Audiovisual Media.



FilmNow is the first distribution catalogue for short films produced at film schools and universities in Spain. The goal of this catalogue is to showcase our country’s emerging talent, promoting the careers of the next generations of Spanish film industry professionals.



The goal of this catalogue is to obtain festival distribution for independent films (shorts and feature films) directed or produced by graduates or which include at least one team leader who has completed a course at the school.



Ismael Martín
+34 91 512 10 60  distribucion@ecam.es