Carreer Kick-off Programmes

Our method

Reproducing the Audiovisual Industry’s scheme, ECAM grades have as main objective shape specialized professionals on the different movie roles. Through a learning plan based on horizontal and vertical knowledge transmission and learning from their colleagues each day, ECAM learning method encourages personal relationships development, required for their future professional performance.

This is the reason why the first year of every Course is common to everyone, then heading into a two year specialization through marks achievement. This first year is self-conclusive, complete and thorough, and could be considered by itself the best master in all Europe regarding cinema career.

The different diplomas have a practical approach. During the shared exercises filming and production period, lessons are substituted with tutorships with the diploma coordinator and renowned professionals. All students shared exercises’ pitches and analysis sessions are another important part of ECAM’s identity teaching model. School productions develop with hope, discipline and professionalism.


ECAM finds in its shared exercises one of their biggest values. First year students, aside from taking part in all different specialized roles in their first year exercises, also take part in the second and third years’ shared exercises. These exercises are tutored by the Diploma’s coordinators and supervised by the shared exercises coordinator, constantly watching over them.

The exercises script is made by the proper Diploma students themselves, except for the first year ones.

Number of filming exercises per Diploma, except from Documentary Filmmaking:
1st year = same as student number in each group.
2nd year = 20 filming exercises | Result: short film.
3rd year = 7 filming exercises | Result: short film.

Number of filming exercises Documentary Filmmaking Diploma:
1st year = same as student number in each group.
2nd year = same as student number | Result: short film.
3rd year = exercise under a production unit, group work | result: short, medium or feature film.


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